See the home page, and the main music page for information about my weekly, fortnightly and monthly choirs and classes, most of which are open to anyone who would like to join. The events page gives days, times and venues for the various ongoing groups and events.

I am also available to teach one-off or a series of workshops. Workshop rates are negotiable, but a rough guide is: £250.00 for a whole day, £150.00 for a half day, plus expenses. It works out at around £30.00 an hour, plus preparation time.

Workshops can include Zimbabwean/Malawian choruses, arrangements of pop and traditional songs, and a variety of songs, rounds and chants, including my own original material.

Something I particularly enjoy, which I think is unique to my work, is supported harmonising, where I lead D.I.Y. singing sessions, using familiar songs, so you have a chance to find your own way towards harmonies, independently. I offer tricks and techniques, games and exercises to help things "click" mentally, but mainly the emphasis is on learning by doing, i.e. lots of fun and repetition, and as little talking as I can manage!

This can be the focus of a whole workshop, or be incorporated into a general workshop, where parts are learned.

If you want to contact me about running a workshop, please telephone me on 0131 653 2146.